alderfather (alderfather) wrote,

Seagulls and such

As a child growing up near the shore of Lake Ontario I had the joy of spending endless summers wandering the beach and the woods and marshes that were my playground. One of the more interesting, though unsavory, occurrences was the gobs of storm tossed seaweed and dead alewives that lined the water edge from time to time. Seagulls soared and scrapped over the beach in a riot of noise and stink.
Things change. The zebra mussel came and altered the balance. The alewives and seaweeds declined. Now along the shore there is much less food for the scavengers.
Today I live 20 miles south of the lake. A few miles south of me is a major landfill, a dump. Every afternoon I watch as the seagulls fly back toward the protection of the lake from spending their day foraging on our trash.
What was the lake shore like a hundred years before I was born? What will it be like a hundred or thousand years after I'm gone?

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