I ran into an old acquaintance at Wally World the other day while selecting some fine dining items for Wyatt. I asked him how he was doing as he had been under the weather last year with old guy things going on. He told me he is blind in one eye due to a tumor behind the eye. Oh my God! He needs an operation which may not restore his vision but will keep the other eye from going blind as well. Holy shit! I commiserated with him and wished him well. As I said goodbye I asked if I could please drive off before he did. I'm sensitive like that.


New Year! So Yay. It doesn't feel like new years day. The weather has been relatively gentle so there was no sense of winter even dropping by. I'm not complaining as I generally freeze up in November and stay that way until May or so.
My snow-blower self destructed last winter so I bought a plow for the quad. I would like to try it out but not enough to be praying for snow.

There were three pheasants in the yard last week; the most I've seen together in years. With the exception of the resident deer herd we've not seen much wildlife at all.

My first massage client yesterday realized that I was her therapist and immediately asked for a female to work on her. None were available so I provided her massage. It is her preogative but still felt pretty damn rude. She is probably not going to become a regular. Her loss as I do a great massage. Bitch!


This is the shortest day of the year here in Lake affect New York; and the northern hemisphere in general. At 3:30 in the afternoon I've got the light on already to type here. Soon the days will get colder and stormier as winter sets in.
As this is the end of a year it is a great time to give thanks for what life has given me in the past year and to look forward to the coming year with glad expectation.
I am grateful for my life, my people, and my place in the world.
I wish you all you hope for in the coming year.

True fact

In a town in Italy in the 16th century there was a growing problem with mice. Rodents everywhere. They were so numerous that the local cats couldn't keep up. The mice had come to know the scent of the local cheese and so avoided the traps. In desperation the cheese makers got together and created a new variety to use in the traps; mousearella!


I'm enjoying my first winter cold in a few years. Just tracking my symptoms is a ball in itself. I've always enjoyed the rib-cracking cough at 3:00 in the morning and this years special treat is the suddenly, from out of nowhere, runny nose. Good times.

Last year by this date we had over two feet of snow. This year nada. And it's often been above freezing during the day. Each mild day brings me one step closer to spring.

Slow at the spa - for me - for a month or so. I get all blah blah in my head about why but eventually I get busy again and okay. Not fun times is what I'm saying. I'm very good at what I do. Massage is a skill and an art form. I'm all of that.

Country road

I was driving down a winding country road on Monday. It was a sunny day; mild for December. I was just enjoying the sunshine on the creek next to me and listening to Bluesville on the XM. As I rounded a bend I saw a mop laying in the road. A string mop like you'd use in the kitchen. How the HELL did that get there? There were no houses around and I have yet to come up with a good reason for it.
That kind of goes along with the single shoe just laying along the road soaking up nature. I would think someone would notice you know? Maybe go back and find it. You generally need two.
People and their ways intrigue me.


(Noone) That's such an odd word to write. It always tastes wrong to write it or see it in print. Spell check suggests no-one is better so I'll use that.

I've had this urge this autumn to write as if I were alone in the world. A sort of running monologue to no-one. I am not feeling lonely; not at all. Just this weird idea. I've been what I consider a fringe dweller all of my life. As an adult I've become quite comfortable with my otherness. Just a bit ago a person I'd just met that day called me a free spirit. I guess it shows huh? So anyways that's where I'm thinking of coming from. Originally I wrote as if I were speaking to someone, I guess.

And then again I might have nothing to say and not write at all. Does the excitement never end around here?

Follow up

Regarding the previous post; I ran across this today on the Calastrology website ...

What's one person's meat is another person's poison, and trying to change people's moral views or political persuasions is often a waste of time. You need to be respectful in the company of others just as they need to be respectful of your views. Beg to differ but remain calm and happy irrespective of anyone's views today.

That says that pretty well.

(no subject)

I enjoy people who have strong political leanings. Often they will try to engage me in a bashing session by making a leading comment. I can see it coming. I make a zen-like reply and watch as they try to figure out whether I'm with them or "one of those cooks". Either way the conversation never gets going.
Everyone has opinions; good for us! I don't need you to share mine. Just feel passionately about whatever the hell you're up but don't expect me to get with you. Life is too short to be wasting energy on shit that doesn't matter.